Kansas City Art Institute
︎ Editorial 2019

The Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) publishes an annual President’s Report to show donors the school’s ongoing advancements and accomplishments, including student success stories and data visualization. The 2018-2019 report is the first document to debut the new KCAI identity, created from its brand essence: Imagine what the world has yet to see. Its cover introduces the dynamic system in its gridmark form and its complementary “revealed blocks” – the missing components from the gridmark – through die cut, to spark curiosity. The remainder of the piece is formatted in a gridded layout, purposefully representing the matrix foundation of the mark. Big imagery, bold typography and authentic colors bring life to an info-heavy report, while also setting the tone for the new brand identity.

Created at DMH
Printed at MPress
Third Place in PRINT for Annual Reports
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